Restoring Thyroid Function Naturally

Dan N Gregory,
Mar 24, 2011
The thyroid gland regulates many metabolic processes within the body; it regulates our body temperature, and fat metabolism. It also plays a role in creation of calcitonin, which regulates calcium Homeostasis. When the thyroid is working properly, the hormones T3 and T4 are secreted in normal amounts. These hormones help our bodies burn fat, and use protein & energy properly. Predictably, when thyroid function is decreased, we gain weight or have trouble burning fat.Various factors including chemicals in our environment, diet, and exercise will play a large role in determining our thyroid function. It is important that if you know you have underactive thyroid, you approach the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle before taking synthetic hormones.Your thyroid requires the mineral iodine, and the amino acid tyrosine to function properly. Getting adequate amounts of these nutrients is essential to keep thyroid function optimal. Tyrosine is found in peanuts, chicken, beef and eggs. Iodine is found primarily in seafood such as cod, shrimp and tuna. Iodized salt is another source of Iodine. Incorporating these foods into your diet will provide the raw materials for thyroid function.

You can also supplement with the herbal extract Forskolin, which has been shown to increase T3 production. Bladderwrack Extract and Olive Leaf Extract also can improve thyroid health.

Stress can also impair thyroid functions, so try to keep stress levels down and exercise moderately.


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