Psychological development

Goals for 6-7 years old

Six and seven year olds are curious and active investigators. Some are ready to learn while others focus more on play. Imagination is important. Children at this stage think like things are, and tend to take literally what others say. Girls are often more mature than boys.

Goals for 8-9 years old

Children are very motivated to learn new things. Many are preoccupied with making things look right and with doing assignments correctly. During this period, children are very ambitious and have a clear sense that older children can do more. It is important to support the child s self-esteem and not demand more than he or she is capable of at this age, even if children demand it of themselves.

Goals for 10-11 years old

Friends are very important at this age. Peers provide a group in which to try out new skills, both educationally and socially. Children question their parents wisdom, opinions and decisions. Girls are often more mature than boys. Girls usually associate with girls, boys with boys. Girls often form a best friendship, while boys tend to associate in groups.

Goals for 12-13 years old

The physical changes of puberty affect children s feelings about their body and its functions. Appearance is important at this age and most children like to look like their peers. Relationships between parents and 12 – 13 year old children are characterised by changing needs for dependence and care taking from parents.

Goals for 14-15 years old

Girls are often more mature than boys at this age. Girls tend to talk about feelings while boys are more likely to do things together. Both boys and girls are busy exploring ideals and the deeper questions of life.

Goals for 16-17 years old

Older teenagers are preparing themselves for their future adult lives. They are making plans for further education and/or for forming families of their own. Real separation from parents occurs now as teenagers find their place within their own generation. (un site al Novo Nordisk Diabetes Care – care a fost sters din spatiul virtual).

Childhood Diabetes / Novo Care


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