Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young

    Causes of MODY

  1. There may be as many as 10 to 12 genes responsible for causing this form of diabetes, and genetic testing may be required for diagnosis. MODY is rare, with less than 2 percent of all diabetics having one of the six forms of it. Children with at least one parent with MODY have a 50 percent chance of developing it, as MODY is a genetic mutation and can be hereditary.
  2. Types of MODY

  3. There are six forms of the condition. MODY 1 is very rare and causes progressive diabetes and related complications. It is most often diagnosed after puberty. MODY 2 causes mild diabetes with little or no complications. It is usually diagnosed in childhood or during pregnancy and is often treated with diet adjustments. MODY 3 causes progressive diabetes and can cause many complications. It is typically diagnosed after puberty. MODY 4 is a rare form that causes mild diabetes. MODY 5 is also rare and often associated with kidney disease. MODY 6 is an extremely rare form and its severity is not known.
  4. Risk Factors of MODY

  5. MODY is a genetic disease, and children of parents who suffer from it are at very high risk to develop it. A child with one parent having MODY has a 50 percent chance of developing it themselves. There is also some indication that race and ethnicity may play a part, as there are higher occurrences of MODY in African-American and Romanian people, as well as those of Japanese and Chinese decent.
  6. Treatment of MODY

  7. Treatment for MODY is much like that for type 2 diabetes in most cases. Diet, exercise and regular blood glucose testing is often effective. In some cases, oral medications and even insulin injections may be needed.
  8. Signs and Symptoms of MODY

  9. MODY often displays symptoms similar to those of forms of diabetes. They include excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss with no explanation, fatigue or feeling tired all the time, and persistent yeast and skininfections and gum disease.

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