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What are TH1 and Th2 Forms of Immune Response?

An Immune System Out of Balance

© Sarah Tomley

May 18, 2009

When the body comes under attack, it uses the helper T-cells to produce the right form of cytokines – but if one type becomes dominant, disease develops.

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Are Your Vitamin D Supplements Making You Sick?

Autoimmune Disease and the Vitamin D Connection

© Sarah Tomley

May 14, 2009

Some research scientists believe that autoimmune disease is caused by a massive intracellular invasion of bacteria, which hijacks the body’s vitamin D receptor.

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In the immune system, the VDR has been detected in activated T cells (7–9), and in cells of the monocyte/macrophage series including dendritic cells, whereas expression on B cells remains controversial (7, 10, 11). As might be expected for an essential nutrient, the effect of vitD3 on immune system function depends upon availability and dose. In mice severely depleted of vitD3, blunted T cell responses have been noted, but in normal animals, vitD3 has generally been found to be immunosuppressive. In CD4 Th cells, vitD3 preferentially inhibits Th1-type cells, particularly the expression of cytokines.