Medical myths explained: Why health researchers mistakenly think one disease causes another

Health researchers are making all sorts of discoveries about the correlations between various diseases. They’re finding out that gum disease is correlated with heart disease. The problem is, they’re jumping to the conclusion that there is a direct causal relationship between these two things. They’re saying gum disease causes heart disease. They’re saying diabetes causes heart disease, and now they are even saying diabetes causes Alzheimer’s disease. Why are they jumping to these odd conclusions? How do they think one disease causes another disease?

The real answer, as you’ll discover here, is that one disease doesn’t actually cause another disease; they both just have the same common cause — a cause which goes unacknowledged or undiscovered by conventional medical science.

For example, the reason diabetes is correlated with heart disease is not because one causes the other, it’s because there is a common underlying cause for both diseases, and that underlying cause is poor nutrition. More specifically, the consumption of foods and beverages that actually deplete the body of its essential nutrients, and the lack of foods and beverages that provide good nutrition — the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, fiber and all the other elements that the human body needs in order to be healthy and free of chronic disease.

Today, the conventional medical community is looking at these disease correlations, such as the correlation between diabetes and heart disease, and using that as a justification to more aggressively treat the symptoms of one of those diseases. They’re saying, “Well, since diabetes causes heart disease, which can lead to other complications, then we have to treat diabetes very, very aggressively,” which to them means pushing more pharmaceuticals. The “urgency” to treat these conditions by claiming they can cause other conditions is really just another way to push more drugs onto patients.

Understand, the core claim here by conventional medicine is that the symptoms of one disease cause another disease. They say, for example, that high blood sugar from diabetes is a contributing factor for Alzheimer’s disease. And thus, the thinking goes, it is crucial to “manage” the symptoms of diabetes (high blood sugar) with drugs in other to prevent Alzheimer’s. The logic almost sounds reasonable, but they’re actually jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Multiple symptoms usually have common causes

What they’re failing to do here is notice that there is a common underlying cause of both diseases, and that underlying cause cannot be corrected with prescription drugs. In this case, in talking about type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, what the patient usually has is a severe imbalance in blood sugar metabolism caused by three main factors: 1) Massive over-consumption of refined sugars and refined grains, 2) Lack of physical exercise, and 3) Lack of key nutrients such as trace minerals, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and others.

Notice that none of these contributing factors are “a lack of pharmaceuticals?” What the patient really needs is a complete nutritional overhaul, which means they need to avoid all the ingredients in foods and beverages that promote disease, and take steps to get superfoods and high-density nutrition into their bodies. They need to eat more fresh foods, more raw fruits and vegetables. They need to eat less meat or eliminate saturated animal fats from their diet altogether, including dairy products. (Dairy products, in my view, are not healthy for long-term consumption by human beings.)

At the same time, those people need to get nutritional supplements into their bodies. They need things like sea vegetables, spirulina, chlorella (, goji berries and whole food concentrates like blueberry powder or multi-fruit superfood powders. They need things like raw chocolate ( or super foods like chia seeds ( or ancient grains like quinoa. These are the kinds of things that people need to put into their bodies in order to reverse the underlying causes of all of these diseases.




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