Mental Abilities Of Your Child Not Damaged By Hypoglycemia

If you have a diabetic child you may have witnessed frequent episodes of low blood sugar and may even have witnessed seizures or coma associated with these episodes of low blood sugar called hypoglycemia. I know every parent is worried about the mental development of his or her diabetic child with such episodes. They worry that these episodes may lead to decline in mental abilities of the child.

Doctors have observed that children with type-1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), who develop the disease very early in the course of life, may show signs of decline in mental abilities. Low blood sugar means lower supply of energy to the whole body including the brain. The question in every parents mind is: do these severe episodes of hypoglycemia, seizures or coma in young children cause impairments in mental ability or behavior?

As per a new study from Australia there are no significant differences in mental abilities between those children who had hypoglycemia and seizures in the early years compared to those children who never had such episodes. The study showed no correlation between the number of severe hypoglycemic events and the memory, intellectual, or behavioral scores. There was no difference between the early first seizure subgroup and no-seizure group even on those delayed recall tasks studied distinctively given the concern about the prospective effect of hypoglycemia on memory function.

The researchers conclude that these results render some encouragement to those children with type 1 diabetes with intensive treatment that seizures and or coma at a young age does not necessarily lead to a gross cognitive or behavioral impairment.”


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